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PowerDesigner Business Process Model

β‡’ Category:Backup Files
β‡’ Developer:Sybase

πŸ“Œ At last, the conclusive case of the .BPM format exploitation is closely related to the business model, designed and opened by PowerDesigner, a powerful enterprise-level tool for data modeling and projection. Particularly, the following .BPM file logic consecutively describes the internal processes and tasks of a business, as well as the way how exactly the customers might interact with the arranged business .BPM schema or principle. A Business Process Model compound structure embraced by the .BPM entry layout serves as a comprehensive conceptual model that explicitly describes the business logic of a particular model or process from the point of view of a business partner. Essentially, the .BPM file node hierarchy embeds a diagram that visually reprojects the particular interactions between diverse processes from different, distinguished starting points to multiple ending points or markers. The PowerDesigner software package, able to interact and handle .BPM hierarchical nodes and arrangements, is still supported and enhanced by the initiative author, and obtains recurring, stable bug-fixes and improvements on the stable foundation.

Bizagi Process Modeler

β‡’ Category:CAD Files
β‡’ Developer:Bizagi

πŸ“Œ This specific .BPM object instance is generated, built, and opened up by Bizagi Process Modeler, a business process documentation and modeling bundle. Precisely, the .BPM schema layout is composed of certain processes that involve arrow connectors, images, diagram shapes, and other visual markers. Essentially, the .BPM data arrangement is referred to as a custom business model and may be composed of one or several inclusive diagrams. This appropriate .BPM data structure is generated and composed while you are picking File -> Save As option from the primary Bizagi Process Modeler menu. The .BPM format serves as a primary, default entitlement for the new data entities, retrieved from the β€œSave As” dialog form. Besides, you may also generate and construct new .BPM entries by clicking on the disk icon on the app toolbar. Among the other optional, miscellaneous extensions, supported and operated by Bizagi Process Modeler suite, the .BPMC file build-up should be noted as a complementary tweak, employed by the visual UI of the package. Also you may utilize a central cloud repository to save and store outcome .BPM modeling file items.

Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:SDL

πŸ“Œ Another make-up of the .BPM file branch is employed by SQL Trados translation application. Primarily, it saves a dictionary of certain phrases and words retrieved and unpackaged from a custom .TMX entry or translation memory file, distinguished as an .SLDTM node. In common, the .BPM technical file standard provides various content for the AutoSuggest feature integrated into the SDL Trados bundle when typing relevant translations and localization records. You can manually add respective AutoSuggest dictionaries to your already predefined and generated .BPM file project in Trados by picking Project -> Project Settings -> Language Pairs -> AutoSuggest Dictionaries menu element. SDL Trados Studio which completely embraces the .BPM format foundation provides an advanced, sophisticated .BPM embraced environment for language professionals who desire to manage, review, edit, and open up various localization and translation project initiatives while remaining in the office or on the move. The software product is distributed, shared and downloaded in accordance with proprietary model terms and restrictions.

How to open an .BPM file?

πŸ“Œ The .BPM compound structure and mechanics can be opened, retrieved and operated by the Bizagi Process Modeler package, perfectly oriented on the maintenance and sustainment of business process documentation and modeling. In other accustomed situations, the peculiar .BPM basement can be extracted and unpackaged by SDL Trados Studio suite, tightly focused on the translation and localization of the software products between various .BPM covered lingual speaking forms and dialects. At last, as an exceptional case the .BPM nodes are accessible for reviewing and adjustment with the interaction of Sybase PowerDesigner bundle, especially handy for collaborative modeling of diverse business processes on the enterprise level. Currently PowerDesigned product adapted for .BPM format employment and utilization is owned and copyright-protected by SAP corporate group in accordance with recent trademark rebranding. In any of the aforementioned cases, the .BPM labeled schema is recognized and analyzed within Windows architecture solely, while macOS and Linux compliant computer clients and workstations are not capable of encoding and researching the .BPM entry contents in any transparent view.

Programs to open .BPM file - PowerDesigner Business Process Model

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Programs to open .BPM file - Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary File

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Programs to open .BPM file - Bizagi Process Modeler

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