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πŸ“Œ The .BCK file layout is ordinarily associated with the VAX/VMS BaCKup instance built up, opened, and shaped with the introduction of a VMS Alpha or VMS VAX system. Respectively, a .BCK item includes a volume of file records or a saveset of a file on a VMS Alpha or VMS VAX technological environment. Appropriately, the .BCK file composition is designed and intended to provide secure protection against the corruption or loss of data. Originally, the VMS has served as an enterprise-oriented server operating system with .BCK technical layout integration designed and distributed by Digital Equipment corporate group. It has been bundled with a custom utility entitled as BACKUP that was primarily targeted to archive vulnerable user data. The BACKUP file utility was also employed to create and open up unique savesets that were afterwards stored and held in .BCK compound elements on a magnetic disk or tape. As the time has moved on, the VMS operating environment has been finally substituted by OpenVMS techniques.

How to open an .BCK file?

πŸ“Œ The .BCK format build-up is flawlessly identified, reviewed, and opened by HPE OpenVMS platform package, which serves for providing immunity to both unplanned and planned downtime with proven continuous computing, including multisite, disaster-tolerant clusters. At most, the .BCK compatible HPE OpenVMS suite is applied in corporate aims, granting a perfect chance to save crucially and vitally important data on magnetic tape or disk in case of unscheduled data loss or media corruption. The .BCK extension area is uncovered only within Windows architecture, and is distributed on proprietary principle according to shareware schema of ready-made product delivery. Besides, the HPE OpenVMS bundle is compliant with a robust and full-based .BCK array of storage management principles and methods that completely fulfill the needs and requirements of various .BCK pinpoint application environments, from the small working groups and firms to the global, major enterprises and conglomerates.

Programs to open .BCK file - VMX Backup File

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