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β‡’ Category:Backup Files
β‡’ Developer:Intuit Canada ULC

πŸ“Œ The .QBK extension marker is appended to the backup resources initiated, built, and opened by QuickTax, a sophisticated service fit for filing Canadian tax returns. Indeed, the .QBK schema includes an accurate duplicate of an associated .Q09 or .Q08 tax return entry. It should be explicitly noted that the .QBK element contents are automatically saved each time once a proper tax return file is saved on the hard disk, by default. In case a requested .Q09 or .Q08 file entry becomes eventually corrupted, users are granted an opportunity to manually modify the .QBK format tag to .Q09 or .Q08 value to accurately open it up and review its layout. By default, all of the .QBK items are allocated and stored within the predefined disk folder, where β€œxxx” template stands out as the year of the overall release date of the respective QuickTax build:

Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\QuickTax\2xxx

Since 2011, the QuickTax product trademark has been rebranded into TurboTax project by the official developer and distributor of the software initiative, - Intuit Canada company.

How to open an .QBK file?

πŸ“Œ The .QBK file sample composition and make-up are immersively and seamlessly recognized and opened by Intuit Canada TurboTax, or its former analogue QuickTax distributives. The .QBK data sources are accessible and can be sustained and operated only in terms of Windows or macOS desktop shells, pre-installed on your desktop computer workstation, client, or monoblock.

Programs to open .QBK file - QuickTax Backup File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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