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πŸ“Œ The .BACPAC object resources serve as ZIP-packaged file archives which comprise the data and schema of a Microsoft SQL database. Users are able to import and export .BACPAC file items into and from Microsoft SQL database suites correspondingly, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database. .BACPAC extension technology is utilized for transferring certain databases between distinguished servers. Database managers and architects are capable of employing a solid multitude of Microsoft SQL DB management tools to export finalized databases in the form of .BACPAC file nodes. For instance, Azure users are afforded a way to open up and export a particular database as a .BACPAC file structure from the respective genuine Azure portal. At the same time, SQL Database users may export a finalized DB-node as a .BACPAC file branch with the assistance of SqlPackage console command-prompt file utility. On the logic and internal schema, the .BACPAC format composition is pretty similar to the .DACPAC file branch, although both of the techniques serve for various peculiar aids and purposes. Commonly, the .BACPAC file mechanics are recognized as a perfect facility to move compound hierarchical data nodes from one server to another, or backup data file instances.

How to open an .BACPAC file?

πŸ“Œ The .BACPAC file elements are supported and opened by various RDBMS-systems, designed and distributed by Microsoft enterprise. Precisely, most of the .BACPAC resources are clearly comprehended and reviewed by Microsoft SQL Server distributive suite, consistent with Windows architecture. Besides, you can effortlessly monitor and adjust the .BACPAC file composition and build-up with the involvement of Microsoft Azure SQL Database web-service, accessible and runnable as a discrete .BACPAC adapted online tool from a designated Microsoft web-site. The .BACPAC file branches that comprise a resulting SQL object instance can be accurately imported into Microsoft Azure SQL Database foundation or Microsoft SQL Server snap-in. In order to accomplish this idea, you are suggested to use the Import Data-tier Application item (find and open the Object Explorer hierarchical tree, right click on the Databases node, and then pick the formerly noted selection from the pop-up menu branch). As an alternate option, you are suggested to utilize the Import database option accessible in the SQL Server section of the Microsoft Azure portal. At last, the handy and tiny SqlPackage command-line utility may appear helpful and suitable.

Programs to open .BACPAC file - Compressed Microsoft SQL Database

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