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Database File

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πŸ“Œ A .DBF entry primarily serves as a standard database entry utilized by dBASE, an actually supported database management system suite. Precisely, it organizes data into a range of records with fields constructed in an array data type. .DBF file items are also compliant with other competitive β€œxBase” database utilities, which arose because of the popularity of the file extension. As long as the database community has early adapted to the .DBF entry mechanics and logic and a considerably straightforward file composition and schematic view, the .DBF file resources have been widely accepted as a typical storage format for structured data in commercial program packages and utilities. Also .DBF file composition is clearly visible and open across all modern database management systems, either from major global development companies, such as Oracle and Microsoft, or less wide-spread institutions, like Corel, Swiftpage, and HiBase Group.

FoxPro Table

β‡’ Category:Data Files

πŸ“Œ Miscellaneously, the .DBF file category may be associated with the table utilized by a database generated and opened up with Visual FoxPro RDBMS. Ordinarily, the technical .DBF specification maintains custom operations with various table entities, such as primary and foreign keys, indexes, cross-table relations, generating views and reports, etc. All of the database structures are handled in a well-considered, weighted principle and approach thanks to the intelligent clarification of the normal forms of the compound database elements. After all the data is sorted and grouped, you may build the custom reports which embrace typical table features and their appropriate processing. The .DBF extension group is tightly linked to the Visual FoxPro database management environment, which is responsible for proper data processing and maintenance. The Visual FoxPro project consistent with .DBF file technics is still widely supported and proceeds by operating with the relevant file content and data items.

How to open an .DBF file?

πŸ“Œ The .DBF format algorithm serves as a primary, source file type basement for storing typical database items applied by dBASE, a powerful database management toolkit. Therefore, you may easily and effortlessly open up the .DBF entity content with dBASE, Microsoft Excel, Corel Quattro Pro, Astersoft DBF Manager, DBFView, Alpha Anywhere, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, OpenOffice Base, Swiftpage Act!, White Town CDBF, FlagShip, GTK DBF Editor, and other competitive program suites, operating within the Windows, macOS, Linux desktop stations, as well as iOS tablets and smartphones. Essentially, .DBF division is encountered as the most frequent format foundation, common among the data analytics, software engineers, architects, and web-developers. Besides, the .DBF file logic can serve as an essential, global format container for uncovering Visual FoxPro database modules and elements. Nevertheless, such a case is pretty rare and is infrequently encountered in modern software systems.

Programs to open .DBF file - Database File

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  • WhiteTown Software

Programs to open .DBF file - FoxPro Table

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  • Microsoft Corporation
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