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πŸ“Œ .IB object instance relates to the database file built by InterBase, a relational DBMS frequently utilized for the development of embedded application databases. As a rule, the file container stores the data in a structured view using predefined records and tables. Specifically, the data within the compound .IB database file objects can be opened and queried from within the target application, which references the record entries, keys, and indexes on the client or server foundation. InterBase DBMS has primarily been oriented on business-class systems, and is flawlessly used in middle and small-sized enterprises on the intermediate level.

How to open an .IB file?

πŸ“Œ .IB file format serves as a native extension for InterBase database objects, and typically stores internal DBMS data, applied internally on the client-server platform. The .IB extension type perfectly fits for opening, processing and executing custom queries within the database infrastructure on Windows environment. Therefore, you may effortlessly open the .IB data contents with InterBase DBMS, create backups, implement mirroring, database restoration, while all of internal database management system data is operated on the internal level within the .IB file entry, embedded into the database layout.

Programs to open .IB file - InterBase Database

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