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πŸ“Œ The .DBT resource container fits for storing, opening up, and handling text files applied for memo fields of dBASE and other database management systems based on the xBase engine. The .DBT extension branch is tightly integrated into dBASE RDBMS logic and fulfills an assisting purpose for sustainment of memos and notes attached to the proper field or record. The .DBT format logic is also supported by other up-to-date database entities, and can be exported to alternate definitions and shapes, besides. In addition, you can freely open and review the .DBT entry composition with any typical code viewer or text editor due to availability of a purely clear, transparent and well-recognized constitution of the .DBT items, visualized in a strict textual visual composition of the file content. Consider the fact that initially the .DBT technical specification was mostly oriented on dBASE engine structures, represented in various database objects and compound table elements, although nowadays the technology has been ported to other specific database engines and platforms.

How to open an .DBT file?

πŸ“Œ The .DBT instances can be smoothly opened, reviewed, and edited with the involvement of various designated database management systems, such as dBase, Swiftpage Act!, or Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Moreover, in accordance with the plain text-based basement of the .DBT content, it is affordable to exploit your typical text viewer or source code editor to transparently comprehend the internal hierarchy of the noted file items. At last, if you possess the license for a third-party file manager, such as Total Commander, FreeCommander, or FAR, it is quite possible to utilize the embedded text viewer integrated into the manager shell, and save money for other investments. The .DBT format branch is perfectly comprehended by Windows shell solely, although it is not prohibited to copy the target .DBT element to flash-drive or messenger and successfully uncover its logic on macOS or Linux PC. However, as long as the .DBT oriented RDBMS systems are natively consistent with Windows architecture only, it is recommended to research the file constitution in scope of native desktop environment.

Programs to open .DBT file - Database Text File

  • Windows
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