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β‡’ Category:Database Files

πŸ“Œ The .DDL format category is oriented on database files built upon the Data Definition Language schema, a global standard applied for description of table queries and requests. Typically, this type of data is stored in a plain text representation and includes commands such as CREATE, ALTER, USE and DROP. The .DDL requests are frequently applied for tweaking of the data source configuration used by data-driven apps and their derivatives. Particularly, the DDL data extension serves as a constitutional subset of the SQL-based queries, normally used, opened and executed for retrieving the data from the database, building new indexes, keys, etc.

How to open an .DDL file?

πŸ“Œ .DDL file contents can be easily opened across a plain text editor, downloaded from the corresponding home-page of the relevant project. In addition, the .DDL queries can be seamlessly imported into a pre-installed database management system, capable of handling the resulting file in an appropriate way prior to executing the queries in the DBMS environment. At last, there is a solid variety of predefined SDKs, able to open, handle and process the .DDL file in the optimal and efficient way without any excessive manual manipulations with the query code, imported into the operating area (precisely, IntelliJ IDEA, EclipseLink, and others).

Programs to open .DDL file - Data Definition Language File

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