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πŸ“Œ .TE format subtype relies on Textease, an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) business tool designated for educational targets. The .TE extension definition may include multiple fields which are composed of images, text, forms, and other substantial types of content categories. .TE fields are usually stored, opened and held in conjunction with a particular .MUD file resource in case an individual multi-user database is built up. It should be noted that the Textease toolkit is no longer developed, maintained and supported by the project authors. Hereby, there is no opportunity to access and open the bundle from the official web-resource at the moment.

How to open an .TE file?

πŸ“Œ .TE file entry can be opened up solely by Textease Studio CT suite, a complex, sophisticated solution which assists students and people involved in the educational area to build comprehensive .TE data models, business logic diagrams, database structures, basic spreadsheets, top-notch presentation and perform other activities within their spectrum of proficiency skills. The Textease bundle cannot be downloaded from the primary source, as long as the further maintenance and optimization of the project is entirely ceased. The Textease Studio CT fits as a compound of the modular plugins, and suggests a combination of various .TE components, integrated in scope of the toolkit.

Programs to open .TE file - Textease CT Database File

  • Windows
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