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πŸ“Œ A .WUX extension standard is comprehended as a Wii U Disk Image (.WUD entry) encoded, opened up and packaged with Wii U image compression utility. Particularly, the .WUX resources include the entire information regarding the game in the .WUD shape, but are compressed to economize the resulting disk space. .WUX file entries can be smoothly opened up and reviewed by Cemu suite in order to maintain emulation of Wii U projects on a PC workstation. .WUX data samples serve as the compressed edition of .WUD records, which are normally generated by Homebrew for the Wii U system to store outcome game data dumped from an original Wii U gaming package. As long as the game data is solid in size (over 20 GB), a range of .WUD items is created in order to store discrete segments (about 2 GB) of the final game.

How to open an .WUX file?

πŸ“Œ The .WUX object instances can be effortlessly opened up, uncovered and reviewed by Cemu utility, exploited to emulate the original dumped game on a Windows computer or laptop. The .WUX items are accessible from the primary menu of Cemu emulator by picking out File -> Load option and specifying the path to the requested game file on the hard disk. In order to build up and construct new .WUX compressed sources, you can utilize the Wii U image compression toolkit, accessible on the web-area. The noted distributive can also be applied to decompress appropriate .WUX elements into a range of individual .WUD items. The outcome packaging of the .WUD results entries is shaped into a final .WUX container specification. The aforementioned format category can be revealed and handled only in scope of Windows operating system or shell.

Programs to open .WUX file - Compressed Wii U Disk Image File

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