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AbiWord Plug-in

β‡’ Category:Plugin Files
β‡’ Developer:AbiSource

πŸ“Œ An .ABI item can also be recognized as a distinct plugin applied by the Mac edition of AbiSource AbiWord, a powerful open-source text processor. Precisely, the .ABI entry stores code that enhances the built-in features of AbiWord, such as support for opening up miscellaneous file format records or a thesaurus. Although AbiWord is bundled with a range of distinctive word-processing features, plugins offer a way to customize the application by adding features and options not delivered and shared with the original, genuine setup bundle. For instance, you may install an AbiWord plugin to export a desired document to the .PDF constitution or display relevant .SVG graphics. The .ABI file documents can be seamlessly revealed with Mac edition of AbiWord (precisely, build 2.4 and earlier). Nevertheless, it should be clarified that AbiWord for Mac is no longer supported and maintained by the AbiSource dev-group.

DNA Chromatogram File

β‡’ Category:Data Files

πŸ“Œ This appropriate .ABI file container includes DNA sequence data recorded by a particular DNA analysis instrument. In other words, this custom .ABI resource type can also be widely known as a DNA trace file or electropherogram file. This respective .ABI file definition can be viewed graphically by an ABI file viewer to compare and analyze various DNA sequences. The noted .ABI format structure is typically utilized by various chemical applications and DNA analyzers, accomplished in digital representation. Hereby, the aforementioned .ABI file entry essentially serves for medical analysis and exploration purposes and targets. The .ABI extension is commonly supported by all desktop operating platforms either formerly released or recently updated. Besides, you may seamlessly open up the desired .ABI DNA sequences on Linux and any of its related forks and distributions available on the IT-area and market.

How to open an .ABI file?

πŸ“Œ .ABI file category is perfectly sustained, opened up and processed by BioEdit, Technelysium Chromas, GSL Biotech SnapGene, QualTrace, Gene Codes Sequencher, Heracle BioSoft DNA Baser, and other DNA analyzers and aggregators. You can without obstacles review the designated .ABI entities in scope of Windows, macOS or Linux infrastructures and platforms, regardless of its release date and build. In particular working circumstances, the .ABI info objects can be revealed and reviewed by the AbiSource AbiWord suite, specifically its Mac version. This issue concerns the case when .ABI entry stands out as a customly integrated AbiWord plug-in which extends the native featured basement. However, since July 2006 the AbiSource group does not any longer develop and sustain the AbiWord branch for Mac devices. Therefore, the following .ABI subdivision can rarely be encountered in up-to-date hardware configurations and mainframes.

Programs to open .ABI file - AbiWord Plug-in

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Programs to open .ABI file - DNA Chromatogram File

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