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AVS Plugin Effects File

⇒ Category:Plugin Files
⇒ Developer:Nullsoft

📌 Generally, .APE file item is eligible as a component referenced by the Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS) plugin for the Winamp media-player. .APE definition stores, opens and maintains custom effect data utilized by the AVS file plugin to tweak and set up visual animations represented when playing back music with Winamp studio. Winamp suite can be described as a freeware Windows media player compatible with various media extension specs, such as .MP4, .M4A, and .MP3 containers. The following .APE operated applet is also perfectly compatible with diverse plugins which serve for extending app functionality and featured variety. For instance, AVS stands out as a consistent add-on which grants the user a way to visualize audio by displaying animations, such as waveforms and explosions, as they are played in Winamp studio. All of .APE file entities are located within the predefined disk directory, available from the Winamp installation path.

Monkeys Audio Lossless Audio File

⇒ Category:Audio Files
⇒ Developer:Monkey's Audio

📌 Basically, the .APE file sample can be identified as an audio file record encoded and packaged with Monkey’s Audio lossless compression mechanics. First of all, the .APE algorithm supports custom tags that store relevant data regarding audio file compositions and includes an auxiliary error detection module. Apparently, in particular situations the .APE entry is generated and opened up in conjunction with .CUE sheet file markers to comprise an overall audio CD image shape. The Monkey’s Audio encoder is generally available for download and share and can be accurately incorporated into other designated software applets and bundles. Hereby, the .APE audio sequence tracks can be composed by other program packages besides Monkey’s Audio studio, mentioned beforehand. The layout and schema of the current .APE file specification is available for free review, adjustment and optimization by distributing the cross-platform source code of the .APE tech initiative.

How to open an .APE file?

📌 The .APE compound audio file elements can be played back, opened and reproduced by various audio-players and sequential editors, such as Monkey’s Audio, foobar2000, MPlayer, NCH WavePad, Adobe Audition, Ape Ripper, Winamp (with formerly pre-installed Monkey’s Audio Plugin), AIMP, JRiver Media Center, and other program products. Besides, the .APE format constitution is brilliantly uncovered and monitored by basic virtual image emulators and disk burners, such as DAEMON Tools and ImgBurn utilities. Furthermore, you can clearly and transparently track the desired .APE entry hierarchy with the assistance of macOS software packages, such as Max, Cog, ShedWorx Smart Converter, and more complex bundles. In the other, rarer case, the .APE file record can be processed by Winamp player, considering that AVS plugin is previously set up, configured, and available on the designated Winamp installation path folder, which permits to review the .APE visual animations, projected on the screen during the audio file composition processing.

Programs to open .APE file - AVS Plugin Effects File

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Programs to open .APE file - Monkeys Audio Lossless Audio File

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  • Linux
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