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Grand Theft Auto Mod Library

β‡’ Category:Plugin Files
β‡’ Developer:Rockstar Games

πŸ“Œ An .ASI object samples are composed of mod libraries applied to adjust gameplay in various editions of picked Grand Theft Auto (GTA) gaming projects (for instance, GTA V and GTA IV). Usually, the .ASI file container stores customized scripts and plugins which are used internally within the game and serve to add new features or abilities and adjust various aspects of gameplay. Basically, .ASI data sources are only utilized and opened by GTA gamers who prefer to combine and redefine specific aspects of the internal gameplay. Particularly, modders are able to build their own custom in-game modifications, package them into outcome .ASI file objects to properly load them by a GTA game, preinstalled on their local PC-node afterwards.

Alpha Five Variable File

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Alpha Software

πŸ“Œ This specific .ASI format category is applied and opened up by Alpha Five, a program which fits for the development of custom Web-tools and applications. Essentially, the .ASI file instances store variables, used internally by the designed web-project or app. Therefore, .ASI specification is saved as an integral part of an overall Alpha Five development branch or fork. In 2013, Alpha Five toolkit was officially renamed into Alpha Anywhere entitlement due to acquisition of the focus software project by another trademarked enterprise. As a matter of fact, this accurate .ASI technological standard is only used in scope of web-development area for internal aims.

How to open an .ASI file?

πŸ“Œ .ASI extension specification is primarily oriented on GTA moders, who desire to build custom add-ons and implement sophisticated innovations into the game, maintained by the same in-game engine and relied on the internal logic. Moders may also upload the .ASI file into the basic library and share it online in order to be used by other peculiar GTA gamers afterwards. If the modder desires to open and load an .ASI file sample into the GTA suite, it is suggested to preinstall an .ASI loader beforehand. Then the .ASI loader would load the third-party libraries when GTA is booted up and loaded into the main menu. Alternatively, the file extension can be associated with Alpha Five project, mainly referenced by the web-developers and designers.

Programs to open .ASI file - ASsembler Include

  • Windows

Programs to open .ASI file - Alpha Five Variable File

  • Windows
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