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πŸ“Œ A .CRX data specification corresponds to the individual extensions for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and other Chromium-related web-browsers. Precisely, the .CRX schema adds miscellaneous themes or features to proper, formerly noted web-browsers. For instance, a distinctive .CRX file record may comprise a web-page translator, password manager, spell checker, or ad blocker. Specifically, the .CRX format structure maintains custom add-ons, built on the basis of relevant Chromium-operated browsers. Essentially, the general users set up new add-ons or extensions by opening Extensions snap-in within the browser UI, navigating to the Chrome Web Store (or alternate plug-in hub), and browsing and setting up preferential modules and components to their infrastructure. In these circumstances, the Chrome Web Store is responsible for automatic downloading, unpackaging, preinstalling, and opening the add-ons, while users got used to never interacting or see the target .CRX data elements. Nevertheless, from time to time the necessity appears to install a peculiar .CRX file entry in the manual principle, when the users manage to search the add-ons outside their browser’s plug-in hub.

How to open an .CRX file?

πŸ“Œ The .CRX file content can be opened up, extracted and visualized with any web-browser built on the basis of Chromium engine. Particularly, among such web-navigators Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome tools should be specified on the first hand. Besides, you can utilize Chromium add-on as a partial component of Google Chrome solution in order to gain a possibility to handle and process the .CRX schemas and their compositions. The .CRX data structure can be reviewed within any desktop operating systems, preinstalled on your actual computer or laptop. Besides, it is affordable to make use of .CRX compatible Geometry OU Kiwi Browser mobile applet, adapted for Android smartphones and tablets. The .CRX format layout is distinguished by clear, transparent hierarchy and logic, and can be uncovered with the internal featured set of an appropriate web-navigator without prerequisites to configure a specific, custom working environment on the foundation of the browsing tool UI. After all, you can decompress the .CRX packages with 7-Zip decompression utility, shared in accordance with freeware license and able to be exploited in corporate infrastructures without acquiring the license.

Programs to open .CRX file - Chromium Extension

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