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πŸ“Œ The .APLP format type refers to the plugin package utilized for opening, installing and downloading plugins (.APLG record entries) for Audials - the up-to-date sophisticated program solutions for Internet recording and streaming. Particularly, .APLP extension instances are composed of a plugin pack which provides and sustains auxiliary features to the Audials software packages (for instance, new record and searching abilities and tweaks). Therefore, .APLP container permits to steadily maintain the modular structure of Audials programs, enhancing and saturating the featured arsenal of the relevant toolkit.

How to open an .APLP file?

πŸ“Œ The .APLP file entries are reliably opened up and supported by Audials One and Radio platforms, which offer the audio streaming opportunities for major sound recording companies and labels. As a bonus .APLP technological perk, the Audials platform sustains an option to save and open online radio podcasts and station translations in the form of external .MP3 file in order to listen to it afterwards in a cozy atmosphere. Due to .APLP format utilization, the Audials One and Audials Radio program solutions may operate on the modular platform, and include miscellaneous options and opportunities in a combination with the basic featured pack. On the current project status, the Audials audio platform steadily acquires recurring updates and enhancements in scope of .APLP data type support from the actual app developer.

Programs to open .APLP file - Audials Plug-in Package

  • Windows
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