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πŸ“Œ A .ZXP file format build-up is suitable for holding and covering modules or add-ons that append miscellaneous featured opportunities to a relevant Adobe software product, such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere. Formerly, the .ZXP file extension records could be fluently pre-installed with the involvement of Adobe Extension Manager plug-in. Nevertheless, from now on you are suggested and expected to set up .ZXP file modules due to integration of the Unified Plugin Installer Agent (in short, UPIA) command-prompt console utility embedded into the Adobe Creative Cloud software platform. .ZXP packaged Adobe plug-ins are recognized as compound items or elements that comprise new featured tweaks and services to a respective Adobe tool or app. Currently, all of the Adobe community representatives are recommended to simply download and install .ZXP file add-ons with the assistance of the Creative Cloud Plugin Marketplace area. Nevertheless, in the former periods of time, users frequently managed to download and install desired plugins as .ZXP file object instances integrated into Adobe Extension Manager, a standalone add-on maintenance and management service. Traditionally, .ZXP file samples are stored and operated in a zipped form that is fluently unpackaged and decoded when the proper extension item is installed into the system. If it is required, users can still obtain the .ZXP file item of a Creative Cloud module they have formerly preinstalled by:

  1. Signing in to Adobe Exchange cloud service.
  2. Navigate to My Exchange section within the suite.
  3. Seek for the desired add-on for which they expect to retrieve a proper .ZXP file item.
  4. Pick Installation Help variant among the suggested options.

How to open an .ZXP file?

πŸ“Œ The .ZXP file data content can be tracked, recognized, opened, and reviewed by Adobe Extension Manager and Adobe Unified Plugin Installer Agent desktop apps, capable of handling various Adobe file plugins and add-ons in the integral principle.

Programs to open .ZXP file - Extension Manager Package

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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