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πŸ“Œ The .CDD file node branch is normally related and recognized as a custom diagram, opened, generated, and packaged by CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, a distributive utilized for the creation of various subgroups and variations of technical drawings and flowcharts. In common, the .CDD file schemas comprise particular drawings, such as a conceptual diagram, technical drawing, or flowchart. Besides, the .CDD file entities are also eligible for storing and embracing ConceptDraw Basic scripting language resources and scripts for intense automation of repetitive tasks and manipulation with drawing objects. In the recent period of time, the .CDD file format definition has been finally superseded with .CDDZ build-up in sync with the proper release of 10 edition of ConceptDraw PRO bundle (now officially entitled as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM). Nowadays, the .CDD adapted ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is distinguished as a proficient and amateur diagramming solution that documents compound, complex and simple, plain processes and routines. The .CDD file extension specification served as an initial, basic schema for opening saving designed diagrams in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM project until CS Odessa conclusively substituted it with a newer .CDDZ technical approach.

How to open an .CDD file?

πŸ“Œ The .CDD data items are accessible for opening up, visualization, and adjustment with the introduction of CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software package, normally focused on creation of respective categories of technical drawings and flowcharts. The noted .CDD embraced app distributive is accurately compliant with Windows and macOS desktop environments, while Linux workstations and client nodes are not capable of revealing the pinpoint .CDD file entry composition and mechanics. At the same time, the .CDD format is incompatible with any of mobile shells and infrastructures, as long as CS Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM suite essentially concerns the desktop platforms and devices, unexceptionally. Finally, it is reasonable to consider the fact that source .CDD file items may be effortlessly and smoothly converted to alternate layouts, such as .PPTX, .VDX, .PNG, .PDF, .CDDZ, .VSDX, .JPG, .SVG, .SWF, and more data approaches. The conversion procedure can be executed directly from the primary CD Odessa ConceptDraw DIAGRAM menu by navigating to and picking the File -> Save as… hierarchical tree node and specifying the desirable outcome file format composition for requested .CDD element transformation.

Programs to open .CDD file - ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document (Legacy)

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  • Mac OS
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