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πŸ“Œ An .EMZ entry definition is abbreviated from Enhanced Metafile (.EMF item) specification term encoded with the .GZIP encoding algorithm. Usually .EMZ items are encrypted to minimize resulting storage space and to maintain easier transfer and data exchange between diverse apps and services. .EMZ data samples normally hold, open and operate with vector graphics but may also store and sustain raster images. .EMZ extension standard fits as an outdated replacement of classical .WMF schema, and stands out as a device-independent and 32-bit format, developed by Microsoft enterprise. The original idea, related to .EMZ technology design, was to minimize the conclusive size of .EMF entries to economize storage space and easily exchange encoded graphics between distinguished, individual applets, specifically Microsoft Office and Visio.

How to open an .EMZ file?

πŸ“Œ .EMZ encoded file samples can be smoothly opened in Microsoft Visio editor, designated for creating and editing diagrams, charts and schemes. Besides, the outcome .EMZ-based file items can be transferred to the Microsoft Office distributive, offering a way to export the graphical, visual entry data to Excel or PowerPoint. Furthermore, the tech specification is perfectly adapted for Microsoft Office 365 web-service, able to reveal the original .EMZ record structure and review its contents in a clear, well-structured shape. Pay attention to the fact that .EMZ file instances are handled and opened up as encrypted entities of .EMF objects, designed and utilized by widely spread Microsoft suites and applets. The extension is recognizable only by Windows apps and tools, and cannot be transferred to Mac and Linux computers.

Programs to open .EMZ file - Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile

  • Windows
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