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β‡’ Category:Vector Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ Basically, the current format schema can be arranged as a drawing generated, built, and opened by Microsoft Expression Design, an out-dated design and drawing toolkit for Windows shell. As a rule, the specified file structure may consist of and open up both raster and vector graphics. Furthermore, the target extension pattern can also maintain a variety of image effects and diverse layers, integrated into the file hierarchy. At the former period of time, Microsoft Expression Design package has been distributed as a compound component of the common Microsoft Expression Studio bundle. However, it should be directly noted that in 2012 the whole project release, distribution, and support have been entirely terminated and ceased.

How to open an .DESIGN file?

πŸ“Œ The accurate file composition can be immersively processed, handled, opened, and operated by Microsoft Expression Studio toolset, currently remaining in discontinued development status.

Programs to open .DESIGN file - Microsoft Expression Design Drawing

  • Windows
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