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β‡’ Category:Vector Image Files
β‡’ Developer:iGrafx, LLC

πŸ“Œ The .IGX format area is focused on the diagrams, built, established, and opened by iGrafx program solutions such as iGrafx Process and iGrafx FlowCharter. Specifically, the .IGX data constructions may comprise text, information flows, visual objects, and other drawn instances. As a rule, the .IGX extension items can rely on cause and effect diagrams, organizational charts, flowcharts, or one of the other diverse compliant diagram subbranches. Primarily, the .IGX iGrafx-related file diagrams are employed for improving, analyzing, tracking, and documenting various actual business processes and routines, implemented on the enterprise facilities. Formerly iGrafx trademark products have been shared and distributed under Micrografx brand entitlement.

How to open an .IGX file?

πŸ“Œ All of the noted file samples and entities are fluently and easily opened up, surveyed, and examined by iGrafx Process and iGrafx FlowCharter modular suites. In addition, the specified file resources can be displayed, opened, and visualized only in scope of the Windows environment.

Programs to open .IGX file - iGrafx Document

  • Windows
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