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πŸ“Œ An .ODG format branch serves for storing and opening drawings, designed and built up by Draw, a vector image editing program suite accessible in the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice solutions. In practice, it is composed of one or more sequential pages which may involve text, symbols, shapes, and lines. Precisely, .ODG records may also concern internal metadata regarding the visual drawings and pictures, for instance, the date when the file was last modified, the creation date, and nickname of the creator, responsible for document build up. The .ODG extension basement has been founded in accordance with OASIS Open Document standard. This actual format technology is designed to store custom drawings in the .ODG shape, including illustrations and logos.

How to open an .ODG file?

πŸ“Œ .ODG object category is perfectly sustained and consistent with Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Planamesa NeoOffice, and other proficient open-source solutions, available for download on the freeware principle. Moreover, you can also make use of Calligra Suite or Trio Office distributives, supported by the .ODG technical specification. If you don’t manage to preinstall any third-party software packages to open up and review the targeted .ODG file composition and structure, give a try to the Collabora Online web-service, able to reproduce the requested file content in a clear, flexible and transparent manner. At last, you may convert the internal .ODG contents into one of the affordable structures, including .TIFF, .GIF, .EPS, .EMF, .PNG, .PDF, .SVG, .WMF, .BMP, and .JPG extension areas. As a cherry on the pie, you can reveal the proper item layout on any of mobile systems and gadgets, compliant with Android or iOS shells.

Programs to open .ODG file - OpenDocument Graphic File

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