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πŸ“Œ .VSD format category corresponds to the drawing project made up, opened and saved by Microsoft Visio, a suite applied for the creation of technical drawings. Specifically, .VSD file entries may include text, information flows, visual objects and other types of object containers, integrated into the .VSD project. Besides, .VSD file items may also store and open up collection data for data sources being formerly imported. The .VSD file specification was quite common in the 2000s when it initially served as the default schema exploited by the Visio package for saving drawings and drafts. Later, the technology was entirely replaced with the .VSDX entry, when the Visio 2013 edition was finally officially released.

How to open an .VSD file?

πŸ“Œ Legacy .VSD extension is natively supported by the Visio tool, which can effortlessly operate, open, handle and maintain the corresponding object instances without any barriers or obstacles. In addition, the layout of .VSD file format is binary-based, and in conjunction with .VDX (XML-based) schema it shapes the former constitution of the out-of-date schemas and drawings storage principle, which remained in actual state until 2013, when the community has finally seen the new contemporary Visio tool branch. Finally, the outcome resources can be seamlessly converted to other types of diagrams with the aid of LibreOffice Draw solution and the native Microsoft Visio package, preinstalled on your desktop device.

Programs to open .VSD file - Microsoft Visio Drawing File

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