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β‡’ Category:Vector Image Files
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πŸ“Œ This respective file pattern corresponds to a drawing composed, built, and opened by Artboard, a product focused on the vector illustration abilities for Mac shell. Accurately, the .DRAWING specification stores the graphical illustrations in either a plain XML (.PLIST) or binary shape, depending on the user selection picked on the save tweak in the appropriate parameters form. As a matter of fact, normally the current technical schema is included into a corresponding .ARTB data package. Since .DRAWING records store the actual vector illustrations drawn due to Artboard suite involvement, .ARTB data file pattern serves for opening, loading and saving format node entities and include the original genuine .DRAWING file variations.

How to open an .DRAWING file?

πŸ“Œ All of the aforementioned extension logic can be extracted, opened, retrieved, and visualized with the introduction of an outdated Artboard suite, adapted for earlier macOS system revisions and not enhanced, maintained, and distributed long ago.

Programs to open .DRAWING file - Artboard Drawing

  • Windows
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