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πŸ“Œ Commonly, the .2D entry standard is associated with two-dimensional drawings generated and opened up by VersaCAD, a powerful dimensioning and drafting CAD suite. In practice, the .2D file samples include basic drawn objects and their measurements. Hereby, the .2D file layout is employed to sustain, process, open and manage drafted building plans before the final construction stage. According to the actual time period, the development, improvement and optimization of the aforenoted project is remaining in paused state. Therefore, the latest suite edition has been officially introduced and released in 2015. For the following reason, you may encounter particular obstacles and cornerstones while attempting to work with the 2D file extension and VersaCAD distributive in the recent Windows 10, 11 and later builds with major regular update packs preinstalled. The suite is officially supported and compatible with Windows and macOS operating system infrastructures.

How to open an .2D file?

πŸ“Œ .2D file schema and logic is clearly recognized, opened and revealed by VersaCAD program utility, perfectly supported and refined by Archway Systems corporate affiliation. VersaCAD, based on the .2D file format foundation, is a powerful CAD bundle recommended for draftspersons, engineers, and other technical specialists operating in the mechanical, construction, civil engineering, and architectural areas of industry. Besides, the VersaCAD app is a brilliant solution suitable for students from college to junior high level who are learning and getting acquainted with 2D CAD mastering. The .2D format consistent VersaCAD program distributive would also perfectly fit for designing either small-scaled or large projects with enormous level of high-degree detailing and precision, and any degree of multi-scaling that allow to review each certain compound 2D component or detail in millimeters. The latest VersaCAD package release is dated to 2015.

Programs to open .2D file - VersaCAD 2D Drawing File

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