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β‡’ Developer:Bentley Systems, Incorporated

πŸ“Œ A .DGN entry variation is broadly utilized as a 3D or 2D technical drawing, designed by Bentley Systems MicroStation or another CAD package. At most, the .DGN schema includes a detailed drawing of a construction project, such as a proposed building, bridge, or street. .DGN file items can be generally stored in one of two logical representations: the updated, enhanced Bentley Systems V8 DGN layout or the original, genuine Intergraph Standard File Format (ISFF) arrangement. MicroStation suite can be distinguished as a CAD solution that engineers and architects employ to sketch and draft technical schematic drawings of mechanical parts, construction projects, buildings, and other elements. Initially, the .DGN file extension specification was published and represented for the global audience by Intergraph corporate group, before being finally consumed by Bentley Systems corporation. Most of the major editions of MicroStation toolkit permit users to save, create, and open custom .DNG elements. Nevertheless, peculiar revisions of MicroStations suite save outcome .DGN-adapted file resources in slightly different shapes and compositions. Edition 7 and below of MicroStation bundle save .DGN items in the original ISFF pattern that Intergraph has announced and deployed in the 1980s. Versions 8 and forthcoming builds save .DGN-covered content in the V8 DGN logic, designed and implemented by Bentley Systems in 2000. Therefore, the former editions of MicroStation suite may not be able to reveal and open up newer .DGN file patterns.

How to open an .DGN file?

πŸ“Œ The current data composition and arrangement can be navigated, opened, scanned, and discovered by Bentley View, MicroStation as well as by diverse CAD suites, such as AutoCAD, IMSI TurboCAD Pro, Oracle AutoVue, IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe, CorelCAD, ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, and a few complementary format convertors, such as AutoDWG DGN to DWG Converter.

Programs to open .DGN file - MicroStation Design

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