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CATIA Graphical Representation File

⇒ Category:CAD Files
⇒ Developer:Dassault Systèmes S.A

📌 The primary assignment of the .CGR technological approach closely concerns the CAD data items generated and opened by CATIA, a CAD suite applied for product design. Essentially, the .CGR logic saves the accurate visualization pattern of a custom design (.CATPRODUCT or .CATPART), although it only maintains and aggregates the geometrical data required to view the precise model instead of all the CAD content. Basically, the .CGR arrangement broadly serves for sending design drafts for review. Furthermore, they can also be inserted into Adobe .PDF digital items with the involvement of (now terminated and development-ceased) Pro Extended edition of Adobe Acrobat distributive set.

Quest3D Channel Group File

⇒ Category:Settings Files
⇒ Developer:Act-3D

📌 One more possible variation of the .CGR specification is related to the Quest3D, an engine applied to create, design, and open up various 3D products which is now remaining in discontinued status. Accurately, the common .CGR item includes a group of properties, or “channels”, for the display and flow of animations, properties, textures, surfaces, models, and objects. Precisely, it is applied to store custom immersive environments, user interfaces, animations, tutorials, games, and product visualizations. Extensively, the .CGR content is always stored with miscellaneous .IGR marker, which involves the location of channels within the Quest3D Channel Graph layout panel. If the requested .IGR content is missing, the channels would utilize the default schematic layout pattern and may be complicated to view. In common, the .CGR elements are utilized in various interactive and entertainment games such as The Endless Forest, Leo, and Audiosurf. Moreover, the .CGR file extension technique is perfectly recognized by Autodesk 3ds Max modeling suite, tightly oriented and focused on creating astonishing, awesome and realistic 3D models and designs in the media industry.

How to open an .CGR file?

📌 The .CGR file composition is covered and maintained by CATIA, a CAD toolkit targeted for the product design priorities. Moreover, you are granted the means to open up and retrieve the .CGR file layout and arrangement with Okino Computer Graphics PolyTrans and Open Cascade DMU Reviewer solutions focused on revealing the visualization of the proper .CGR designs into a clear and transparent shape. At last, there is one more optional variation of the .CGR elementary structure, which is adapted to be reviewed, monitored, and researched by Act-3D Quest3D, a formerly widespread engine which served for creation of 3D programs, but currently remaining in discontinued status. Besides, it is affordable and considerable to experiment with the Autodesk 3ds Max suite, which is also an affordable and fit .CGR compliant solution for extracting and adjusting the .CGR file composition and logic. Finally, it is worthy to make an attempt exploring the .CGR node contents with Audiosurf game, also recognizing the noted data constitution.

Programs to open .CGR file - CATIA Graphical Representation File

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Programs to open .CGR file - Quest3D Channel Group File

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
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  • Act-3D Quest3D
  • Autodesk Inc
  • Audiosurf, LLC
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