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πŸ“Œ A .CIR data standard is mainly associated with the schematics generated and opened by Micro-Cap, a built-in schematic simulator and editor applied by electronic engineers all over. Specifically, the .CIR entries are composed of plain text content applied to display a circuit diagram in the Micro-Cap project. Finally, the .CIR file samples can be effortlessly and correctly opened and revealed within any text editor to review and visually track the clear text data they maintain. Micro-Cap software solution, adapted for operating with .CIR extension marker, is a powerful and configurable toolkit that electronic engineers utilize to test, simulate, and model various electrical circuits and schemes. Micro-Cap 12 and earlier builds of the suite save and handle engineering circuit arrangement in the form of .CIR file instances. These .CIR nodes are normally recognized as plain text elements formatted in a way splendidly identified by Micro-Cap to properly read and transform them into relevant circuit diagrams. The Micro-Cap project adapted for covering the .CIR file specification permits engineers to execute stress and smoke analyses, alter the temperature conditions a circuit is being tested under, and perform comprehensive, sophisticated worst-case analyses.

How to open an .CIR file?

πŸ“Œ The .CIR file structure and composition can be explicitly opened, reviewed and altered by Micro-Cap, GitHub Atom, Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Apple TextEdit, Vim, Sublime Text, Notepad++ or any other complementary text editors or code viewers, accessible for acquisition or free download from the official online sources. The .CIR file layout and arrangement is held and adapted for any needs and requirements, typical of any common text content, and is smoothly identified by any ordinary tools, compliant with Windows, macOS, or Linux environments or their related forks.

Programs to open .CIR file - Micro-Cap Schematic

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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