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πŸ“Œ A .TERX format specification is referenced to terrain design documents opened and utilized by RoadEng and TerrainTools utilities from Softree Technical Systems company. Usually, .TERX file instances include data used to load 2D and 3D topographic layouts into the actual program build. The topographic information which .TERX objects concern is normally used to plan and visualize forest and civil engineering projects in the form of schemas and diagrams. The Softree Technical Systems corporate developer offers a few CAD suites applied by surveyors, forest engineers, and civil engineers. Therefore, surveyors can make use of TerrainTools bundle in order to make up and open topographic maps and import geographic exploration and urvey data, while civil engineers may pay attention to RoadEng suite, which would assist to plan pipeline, rail, and road construction projects.

How to open an .TERX file?

πŸ“Œ .TERX format category can be smoothly processed and operated by any of Softree Technical Systems software, precisely TerrainTools and RoadEng program solutions. The .TERX file resources typically contain annotations, formatting, points, and geographic features, embedded into the structural container layout. Miscellaneously, the .TERX data containers can be opened and viewed either as 2D or 3D data samples. As a rule, Softree suite users may build new custom .TERX resources in a specific app’s Terrain module and afterwards reference them within the Location module of the RoadEng suite or another particular Terrain project, available for download from the dedicated official resource.

Programs to open .TERX file - RoadEng Terrain Design Document

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