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β‡’ Category:CAD Files
β‡’ Developer:The CAD Zone, Inc

πŸ“Œ A .CZD format category is distinguished as a CAD document composed, opened, and built by The Crash Zone or other typical, accustomed CAD Zone-related program solution. Precisely, the following file schema pattern consists of a realistic, authentic 3D model of a crime scene area, accident scene zone, or other regions associated with emergency circumstances or situations. Primarily, the .CZD extension resources are applied for sharing and exchanging crime and other emergency case diagrams that influence and evaluate building, site, and road construction. CAD program utilities are generally opened up, employed, and utilized by legitimate law enforcement officers, accident reconstructionists, firefighters, crash investigators, and other designated categories of personnel.

How to open an .CZD file?

πŸ“Œ The .CZD file items can be immersively and fluently opened, reviewed, and handled by The Crash Zone distributive, which currently remains in suspended development and maintenance status.

Programs to open .CZD file - CAD Zone Drawing

  • Windows
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