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📌 Basically, the .DRWDOT specification is focused on the drawing templates generated, built, and opened by SolidWorks, a powerful, proficient CAD suite employed by engineers to design realistic 3D models of diverse industrial parts. Particularly, the noted .DRWDOT schema includes various drawing document settings and parameters, which can be used and utilized when a certain engineer creates a fresh SolidWorks drawing (ordinarily, shaped into .SLDDRW object instance) from scratch. The SolidWorks project is developed, promoted, and distributed by the Dassault Systemes corporate group. Skillful engineers are afforded a chance to apply SolidWorks program toolkit to design well-built 2D vector drawings of an assembly or part in their creative groundworks. At most, those drawings are properly saved, opened up and operated as .DRWDOT file pattern entities. If an engineer is aware they’ll desire to consecutively reuse the former document settings and options related to an existing SolidWorks drawing, they can accurately save those predefined parameters as a .DRWDOT extension template. After this step is done, they can smoothly choose the corresponding .DRWDOT template schema and apply the .DRWDOT template’s configuration when designing new drawings and sketches. In order to build up a new SolidWorks .DRWDOT sketching template:

  • pick File -> New… element from the primary menu of the suite and initiate a new drawing
  • adjust the requested document settings and options in accordance with the project requirements and needs
  • choose File -> Save As… branch node from the primary menu of the bundle
  • in the pop-up form pick Drawing Templates (*.drwdot) selection amongst the range of available variants in the Save as: type field
  • specify the entitlement of your .DRWDOT file template and confirm your action by clicking OK to complete the .DRWDOT creation stage.

In conclusion, SolidWorks would save your .DRWDOT file instance in the default template folder of the program package, allocated at the templates directory of the initial installation path of the bundle.

How to open an .DRWDOT file?

📌 All of the .DRWDOT file objects can be smoothly and efficiently opened by SolidWorks app shell features. Specifically, here is the step-by-step instruction of the overall procedure:

  • at first, make sure that your target .DRWDOT file entry is allocated within the templates folder of SolidWorks installation path
  • in SolidWorks interface shell, pick File -> New… item
  • when the New SolidWorks Document window is displayed on the screen, pick the Advanced category. After that, navigate to the Templates tab
  • make a selection and open up a corresponding requested .DRWDOT file instance.

Programs to open .DRWDOT file - SolidWorks Drawing Template

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  • Mac OS
  • Web
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