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πŸ“Œ The .CRV file specification mainly relies on the CAD schema built, constructed, and opened up by VCarve Pro, a bundle designated and fit for CNC engraving, wood carving, sign making, and routing. Precisely, the .CRV tagged extension items store a particular vector design geometry and are composed of toolpaths for machining the outcome elementary design. In the final machining iteration, the .CRV elements can be effortlessly opened and exported to an engraving machine or a CNC router to cut the final design pattern. Besides, it should be certainly mentioned that proper VCarve Pro .CRV-adapted file format arrangements can be gently exported to .AI, .DXF, or .EPS shapes by referencing and interfering with the primary menu of the applet.

How to open an .CRV file?

πŸ“Œ All of the .CRV objects and entities are affordable to be opened by VCarve Pro suite, since it is the primary solution which generates and processes them in the real-time mode. The .CRV handled machining equipment can be immersively connected to the Windows computer, and afterwards be managed and operated from the desktop client. However, macOS and Linux PCs are not eligible for machining purposes and targets.

Programs to open .CRV file - VCarve Pro Design File

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