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πŸ“Œ The actual .360 image file container is employed and opened up by 360desktop, a proficient program package that enables a panoramic desktop environment. Hereby, the .360 objects store wide-scaled 360-degree panoramic wallpaper images. Essentially, the .360d raster graphical objects can comprise multiple digital photo-shots which have been stitched altogether. After the 360desktop environment becomes enabled in the native Windows shell, it extends the width ratio of the desktop by the width of a scaled .360 panoramic image or shot. You can swiftly open and scroll the entire width scale of the desktop as well as smoothly wrap around when the limit of the desktop panoramic view is reached. The .360 file extension definition is commonly utilized by professional photographers to create and design a detailed .360 panorama in high resolution and solid quality without referencing manual gluing or splicing of the image fragments across the specialized software or camera tools.

How to open an .360 file?

πŸ“Œ A .360 file structure can be reviewed, monitored, opened up, and tracked by 360desktop package, a powerful program solution capable of creating, designing and storing 360 degree panoramic image views. The .360 file entities serve for processing and handling the large-scaled panoramas and transforming them into desktop wallpapers which embrace the whole graphical workspace and are capable of representing the huge area of the visual composition. The recent version of 360desktop suite has been published in 2008 and supports all formerly released Windows editions, up to Windows Vista and earlier. The utility is packed with helpful widgets that assist to execute various complementary in-app actions, such as scrolling or dragging your cursor around the visible space, applying the arrow keys for navigation, etc. The .360 widgets are able to be processed either on internal app accessibility, or persistently within the web-area with the involvement of β€œQuickNav” component.

Programs to open .360 file - 360desktop Panorama File

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