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πŸ“Œ The .PCX resource container serves for storing and opening raster images and was originally designed by the ZSoft company. From the very release date, the .PCX tech specification has become one of the original bitmap image definitions for the Windows/DOS shell. In detail, the extension is completely compatible with 24-bit color images, indexed color and 8-bit grayscale pictures. Besides, the .PCX items perfectly recognize and comprehend 1-bit white and black images. It should be explicitly noted that the .PCX drawings are typically compressed via the RLE encoding algorithm. Until now, the .PCX instance logic and layout have been at most replaced by more contemporary graphical schemes. Nevertheless, the aforementioned file category is still utilized by some scanning and fax apps and program packages, despite multi-paged .PCX fax papers and instances generally employ the .DCX structure.

How to open an .PCX file?

πŸ“Œ The raster .PCX pictures and drawings are entirely perceived and can be opened up by various designated image viewers and proficient graphical editors, such as Corel Presentations, ACDSee Photo Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Canvas X Pro, IrfanView, and other sophisticated packages. As an extra tweak to mainframe PCs and laptops, the .PCX records can be uncovered, reviewed and opened by File Helper web-service, which is available on the entirely free-of-charge principle and offers a mass of auxiliary abilities and perks. Last but not least, the format is clearly visible in the scope of File Viewer for Android mobile applet, downloadable from the GP market without any featured or financial terms and clauses.

Programs to open .PCX file - Paintbrush Bitmap Image File

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