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πŸ“Œ The .CDC file schema is based on the icon preview generated and opened up by the DesignCenter tool palette integrated into the AutoCAD bundle. Specifically, the .CDC format variation stores a tiny graphical preview image that was composed when the authorized user browsed a drawing directory with the involvement of the Large Icon view. In practice, the following .CDC layout definition is applied for opening and caching accurate thumbnail images so that AutoCAD does not require to regenerate preview thumbnails each time the user attempts to browse stored and captured drawings. Besides, the .CDC items can be safely deleted without influencing and impacting the original drawings. Nevertheless, if you decide to browse the same, identical drawings once again, the file format elements may be effortlessly recreated and rebuilt from scratch.

How to open an .CDC file?

πŸ“Œ The .CDC entry composition and foundation can be gently uncovered, extracted and opened up with Autodesk AutoCAD software toolkit. As long as the predefined software is compatible with Windows shell unexceptionally, the current extension hierarchy can also be appropriately processed within Windows architecture solely.

Programs to open .CDC file - AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File

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