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πŸ“Œ A .C4 data type corresponds to the compressed bitmap image definition designed by the Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS) organization. Particularly, the following .C4 extension branch is broadly taken into practice by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) governmental structure. In short, the web-community members frequently entitle and mention the following file standard in conversations and correspondence as Edmics entry. Various distinguished .C4 file elements comprise distinguished variations of the Edmics data logic, considering that various designated program toolkits and suites like XnView are capable of opening some peculiar, but not all of .C4 file entities. The layout and logic of the .C4 format specifications strictly correspond to the predefined rules and conditions, and cannot be adapted for being opened up and reviewed by alternate third-party raster image editors and bundles, smoothly compatible with other image layouts and containers.

How to open an .C4 file?

πŸ“Œ The .C4 file records can be steadily opened, monitored, and explored by XnViewMP, Trix DrawingCenter, Slick ViewPlus program utilities adapted for the Windows operating system of actual and former generations. As long as XnViewMP toolkit is also compatible with the macOS desktop architecture, you are granted a chance to discover the .C4 sample composition and internal logic on Apple monoblocks and laptops, in addition to Windows PCs. As the practical experience uncovers, the .C4 format layout is mostly reserved by JEDMICS structural group, and broadly references the bitmap image constitution, applied by the Department of Defense and various governmental divisions and affiliations. Although it is still considerable to make use of the .C4 algorithm for domestic users’ needs and demands, most often the following format basics is typically exploited for jurisdictional parties and organizations in accordance with their actual requirements and necessities. Nevertheless, the constitution of the .C4 file sample is still oriented on the raster image shape and basement.

Programs to open .C4 file - JEDMICS Image File

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