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ACDSee Image Sequence File

β‡’ Category:Raster Image Files
β‡’ Developer:ACD Systems

πŸ“Œ In practice, the .AIS data entry belongs to the category of slideshow resources generated and built up by ACDSee photo-editing software solutions. Precisely, the .AIS item composition is composed of a sequence of images, as well as effects, timing settings, and transitions. Specifically, the .AIS instance structure is typically applied for compiling, opening and preparing family vacation pictures and wedding photos. As an extra hint, it should be specified that ACD Photo Manager no longer applies .AIS content for relevant slide shows. However, the noted software distributive publishes slide shows in the shape of .SWF, .SCR, and .EXE format definitions. After the relevant slideshow is finally saved, the bundle utilizes the .ASW extension branch to maintain the internal app operations, routines and integrated graphical content. The current .AIS data specification is exploited by Windows nodes, unexceptionally.

Velvet Studio Advanced Instrument System

β‡’ Category:Audio Files
β‡’ Developer:Velvet Development

πŸ“Œ One more definition of the .AIS format area refers to the Advanced Instrument System structure utilized by Velvet Studio, an efficient and ultra-productive music tracker adapted for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS shells. Accurately, the .AIS structure hierarchy includes a synthesized instrument you can open up and load in Velvet Studio. Afterwards, you are able to select the proper musical instrument to play notes using that musical item. Velvet Studio is capable of applying many proprietary file categories, including .AIS, .AMS, and .ASE containers. Precisely, the .AIS extension logic internally maintains instrument data, which serves to control how precisely the notes of a relevant instrument played back in the Velvet Studio infrastructure sound like and what tones it reminds of. You can build up your custom, personal .AIS audio file content and compositions using advanced Instrument Editor embedded into Velvet Studio architecture.

How to open an .AIS file?

πŸ“Œ The .AIS format branch is perfectly revealed, opened up and adjusted by ACDSee Photo Editor and ACDSee Photo Studio bundles, taking into account the fact that the source .AIS file entries belong to the graphical content area. This accurate .AIS format constitution is exclusively oriented on slideshow sequences that serve as compound elements of the whole family vacation, wedding, anniversaries, or other memorable event projects. This respective .AIS data hierarchy is adapted to be used and exploited within Windows systems of earlier or recent editions, solely. In other typical circumstances, the target .AIS object instance can be discovered and monitored by the Velvet Studio bundle, a powerful music tracker especially wide-spread and popular in the middle and late 90’s. The suite provides a flexible and sustainable way to modify the proper .AIS item contents and composition due to availability of embedded Instrument Editor, capable of recognizing other distinctive file specifications and standards, as well.

Programs to open .AIS file - ACDSee Image Sequence File

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  • Mac OS
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  • ACD Systems International Inc

Programs to open .AIS file - Velvet Studio Advanced Instrument System

  • Windows
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