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πŸ“Œ An .AVIF file sample relies on the visual images stored in the AV1 Image File Format invented and designed by the Alliance for Open Media group. Particularly, .AVIF mechanics include common encoded image resource data, similar to a .PNG or .JPEG logic. Respectively, the AV1 Image extension build-up was intended to supersede the earlier .WEBP, .PNG and .JPEG standard schemas. The Alliance for Open Media organization was initially formed in 2015 by a range of high-profiled tech structures, including Netflix, Mozilla, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Cisco, Amazon, and others. The AV1 video codec has served as a primary open-source standard and media technology, taken care of by the corporate alliance. The .AVIF technology is compatible with monochrome and HDR visual pictures and color depth values of 8, 10, and 12 bits.

How to open an .AVIF file?

πŸ“Œ .AVIF format samples can be flexibly opened, reviewed and visualized by all contemporary web-browser definitions, specifically Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides, the aforementioned .AVIF file subtypes are flawlessly operated by Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Photos (consider the complementary installation of auxiliary add-on, designed for this accurate extension category), paint.net toolkit, ImageMagick, qView and other services and utilities. Therefore, you can effortlessly handle the desired .AVIF items with the assistance of gThumb and libavif freeware suites, compatible with all major operating systems and infrastructures. The designated .AVIF file instances can also be opened in scope of Android devices considering the implementation and deployment of File Viewer for Android applet.

Programs to open .AVIF file - AVIF Image

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