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πŸ“Œ An .MPO data object is associated with a stereoscopic image which is composed of two 2-dimensional .JPG entities combined into a common unified 3D-picture. The following .MPO document instance can be generated by handheld consoles and digital cameras, such as Nintendo 3DS or Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D series respectively. .MPO records are usually exploited by 3D TVs for opening, exploring, and viewing custom 3D pictures and images. .MPO extension resources generated by optical cameras are held and shot by the two lenses on the camera, and afterwards viewed and combined in side-by-side perspective as a single 3D image capture. The custom image is transformed into a 3D representation when it is displayed on a consistent 3D device such as a 3D TV. After a while, the files can afterwards be reconverted to an anaglyph image with a stereoscopic graphics processing suite, and then opened and monitored with green/red 3D glasses.

How to open an .MPO file?

πŸ“Œ The .MPO file items can be flexibly handled, processed and opened up by stereoscopic image viewers and editors, such as StereoPhoto Maker, STOIK Imaging Imagic, StereoPhotoView, sView and more proliferate toolkits. Besides, you can exploit typical graphical solution, like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Photos, preinstalled within Windows environment by default, to uncover the desired .MPO entry build-up. As long as .MPO content can include dynamic animations, you can make use of CyberLink PowerDVD solution to review the file constitution and discover its internal logic. The .MPO format is compliant with all desktop operating systems, unexceptionally. You can also reference File Helper web-service, employed as a third-party online portal from the Internet area outwards.

Programs to open .MPO file - CIPA Multi Picture Object File

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