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AutoRoute Map File

โ‡’ Category:GIS Files
โ‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

๐Ÿ“Œ The basic definition of the proper .AXE arrangement is the locations file generated, opened up, and composed by Microsoft AutoRoute, a trip planning and map navigation package for Western and Eastern Europe. Particularly, the following .AXE pattern is composed of โ€œpushpinsโ€, which are distinguished as Points of Interest (POI) on the geographical map. Besides, the current .AXE layout can also integrate various navigation content. .AXE schema is eligible for saving distinctive mapped locations and creating targeted navigation waypoints in Europe. Afterwards, the resulting data instances can be converted to many various POI data extensions with the assistance of POIConverter utility. Currently the development, optimization, and tech support of the AutoRoute suite is entirely terminated.

Annotated XML Example File

โ‡’ Category:Developer Files
โ‡’ Developer:Codalogic Ltd

๐Ÿ“Œ Another assignment of the .AXE tech foundation is related to the Codalogic LMX, a program bundle applied for C++ source code generation. Accurately, the .AXE layout includes custom definitions for the proper structure of XML data. In the corresponding methodology, the .AXE assignment is applied for automatically generating and opening C++ classes that โ€œmarshalโ€ and โ€œummarshalโ€ XML entries. Codalogic LMX suite is also able to generate XML parsing classes on C++ language with the interaction of plain, accustomed .XSD schema specification.

How to open an .AXE file?

๐Ÿ“Œ The .AXE format group is magnificently comprehended and identified by formerly distributed Microsoft AutoRoute solution, oriented on creation, opening, and composing trip planning and navigational waypoint projects for Western and Eastern Europe. Due to tight interaction with the POI (Points of Interest) technology, implemented in the form of embedded โ€œpushpinsโ€, the outcome .AXE entries and elements can be gently converted to a variety of other different POI branches with the interference of POIConverter utility. Besides, it would be worthy to attempt reviewing .AXE instance composition with the Codalogic LMX product, neatly focused on the generation and filling in the C++ source code constructions and blocks.

Programs to open .AXE file - AutoRoute Map File

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Programs to open .AXE file - Annotated XML Example File

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  • Codalogic Ltd
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