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πŸ“Œ The primary .RRD data container assignment is targeted for storing and opening GIS content generated by diverse geospatial processing toolkits and services such as ArcGIS Desktop and ERDAS IMAGINE distributives. Particularly, the .RRD specification encompasses a reduced dataset from an original raster image with the introduction of assistive pyramid layers, which respectively speed up the outcome visual representation, opening up, and projection of raster maps. Quite frequently, this particular file layout serves for saving individual zoom levels on a certain map or geographical area. As a matter of fact, the .RRD entries are basically generated from the raster data in GeoTIFF-wrapped .TIF extension items or JPEG 2000-grasped .JP2 data objects.

How to open an .RRD file?

πŸ“Œ Indeed, the .RRD file composition and arrangement can be monitored, tracked, and opened with the interference of ERDAS IMAGINE or ArcGIS for Desktop software bundles, eligible for various GIS-related purposes and aims.

Programs to open .RRD file - Reduced Resolution Dataset File

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