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πŸ“Œ A .KMZ file standard relies on the ZIP-packaged .KML data container which stores and opens up custom map locations reviewed and visible in multiple distinct geographic information systems (GIS) solutions, particularly Google Earth. In common, the .KMZ object entities include one or several placemarks composed of the custom, unique name and the longitudinal and latitudinal geospatial coordinates of the respective location. Therefore, .KMZ records generally include COLLADA 3D images, overlays, and models referenced and opened up by the typical .KML definition. Google, the original genuine inventor of the .KMZ technological standard, intended to minimize the resulting space consumed by the .KML extension samples to make them a bit easier and lighter for further sharing with multiple users and distribution. Essentially, the typical utilization of the .KMZ mechanics involve sharing placemarks on tours with users by email or when the outcome publication is posted on a relevant webpage.

How to open an .KMZ file?

πŸ“Œ The .KMZ file instances are available for effortless reviewal and adjustment by most of the present-day GIS services and products, such as Trimble SketchUp, ESRI ArcGIS Pro, Google Earth Pro, Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper, etc. Furthermore, you are offered a way to utilize a range of proficient actual 3D-design and graphical editors, such as Adobe Photoshop and Blender in order to reveal the desired .KMZ file entity composition in a transparent and clear form. Pay attention to the condition, that Google Earth Importer plug-in is expected to be preinstalled in Blender 3D-animation toolkit in order to sustainably and stably open up the .KMZ file structure and layout. It should be miscellaneously specified, that the .KMZ file entities are also viewable by Android devices and gadgets with Google Earth applet setup and preconfigured from the genuine GP store. At last, if your device is non-compliant with the .KMZ technology, give a try to Google Earth and Google Maps web-services, runnable from any default or third-party web-browser.

Programs to open .KMZ file - Google Earth Placemark File

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