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β‡’ Category:GIS Files
β‡’ Developer:GEOREID Pty Ltd

πŸ“Œ The essential .EMBR file association references the GIS extension, designed, opened up and supported by GEOREID Pty Ltd, a corporate group which specializes in GIS data analysis, collection, and site surveying. Essentially, the .EMBR file definition is utilized to store and open statistical geodatabase information (for instance, calculation of volumes or lengths at a defined time instant of fixed position). In most of the cases, .EMBR resources store and maintain the processed statistical data in plain textual view. In a few words, the .EMBR objects allow the user to perform considered organization of calculated values for multiple relevant purposes, such as data comparison and calculation of digital projections.

How to open an .EMBR file?

πŸ“Œ The .EMBR extension category can be effortlessly maintained, used and opened by ArcGIS Pro, the productive, efficient program utility for gathering and aggregating geodata, calculating and identifying the GIS-location of the requested object or site, and performing other crucial calculation and digital analysis. However, as long as the file layout is usually oriented on plain textual shape, you may view, adjust and redefine .EMBR sample contents via a basic, accustomed text editor, either preinstalled on your operating system by default or downloaded from the third-party web-source.

Programs to open .EMBR file - Spatial Geodatabase File

  • Windows
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