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πŸ“Œ Basically, the .HGT format branch corresponds to the GIS data entry held, opened and processed in the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) representation. Accurately, the .HGT file layout is composed of global elevation data extracted and obtained during NASA space missions. In common, the .HGT file schema may contain up to one arcsecond resolution. Therefore, the .HGT approach is typically exploited for analysis of earth’s topography and for building and composing various topographical images. Some peculiar data in the original .HGT compliant SRTM-dataset can be missing in accordance with certain limits of the space exploration missions. These corresponding areas are marked and comprehended as β€œvoids”. There are proper efforts which have been accomplished in order to fill in the missing gaps with the involvement of interpolation principles. Hereby, appropriate formerly downloaded .HGT file instances may be composed of interpolated data. As the practice uncovers, the .HGT elements are generally entitled with latitude and longitude coordinates. Besides, the .HGT extension entitlement is abbreviated from the β€œheight” term.

How to open an .HGT file?

πŸ“Œ The .HGT file composition and structure can be opened, reviewed, and explored by various GIS-designated toolkits such as FME Desktop, DG Terrain Viewer, STRMFill, ESRI ArcGIS Pro, DG SRTM Void Killer, and VTBuilder. All of these suites are entirely compliant with Windows architecture, and can be researched in scope of this proper environment solely. Besides, consider that DG Terrain Viewer package is also supported by Linux devices and various forks and distributions on its foundation. .HGT consistent DG Terrain Viewer suite serves as a freeware program solution oriented on monitoring and observing SD digital elevation maps mixed with certain data content acquired with GPS modules. The solution can be effortlessly utilized for tracking terrain .HGT shaped meshes or opening up and observing your waypoints and tracks reprojected on the custom terrain mesh. The tool is perfectly adapted for NASA space exploration missions and broadly fulfills an assisting role in the recognition of various terrain subcategories and setting the principal routes across the new territories researched.

Programs to open .HGT file - SRTM Elevation Data File

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