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Digital Elevation Model

โ‡’ Category:GIS Files
โ‡’ Developer:United States Geological Survey

๐Ÿ“Œ Besides, the .DEM file format area may rely on the dataset detailing land contours in the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) view. Precisely, the noted extension group stores peculiar raster data in plain textual layout, with each precise pixel representing a proper elevation value. .DEM resource entities frequently maintain and cover data regarding the moon terrain, terrain of asteroids and planets. The .DEM tech specification is designed, supported and enhanced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) organization. However, until now it remains an open-based standard. Various GIS-targeted industries, involving scientific research, urban planning, land surveying, and engineering, apply the technological innovation for modeling cityscapes and landscapes. For instance, a typical .DEM file record may consist of elevation data for areas on Earth where mesas, valleys or mountains are allocated with indications of sea and volcano crater depths. The .DEM file pattern includes diverse text blocks organized into three compound categories:

  • A. Serves as the header of the data sample, storing the measurement systems, summary statistics, and origin the files are based on.
  • B. Also commonly spread as profiles, which handle the elevation content and eligible as the main, primary section of the .DEM record layout
  • C. Holds a root-mean-square-error (RMSE) data utilized to measure and evaluate the quality and precision of the integrated data.

Video Game Demo File

โ‡’ Category:Game Files
โ‡’ Developer:Valve Corporation

๐Ÿ“Œ Primarily, the .DEM file record can be defined as a game replay file generated by various games in the first-person shooter genre, particularly by Counter-Strike franchise (compatible with Valveโ€™s Source game engine). .DEM file samples are taken into practice to record a custom playerโ€™s perspective in a multiplayer or single player game, which can then be shared and exchanged between other gamers and users. In order to playback a particular Counter-Strike .DEM replay recording in Windows, at first you are suggested to move it into the cstrike/ installation folder. After that, run the Counter-Strike game and open the console command-prompt window. From the command-prompt line, type viewdemo demoname, where โ€œdemonameโ€ parameter implies the replay filename without the โ€œ.DEMโ€ tagged marker. .DEM technology is also commonly employed by Quake and Hexen II titles. A distinctive subset of .DEM instances are utilized by Unreal Engine gaming products, such as Unreal Tournament. Nevertheless, the .DEM files can be reprojected, opened and visualized only in scope of the game it was primarily oriented and focused on.

Unreal Engine Game Replay File

โ‡’ Category:Game Files
โ‡’ Developer:Epic Games

๐Ÿ“Œ A .DEM file object can also correspond to a video game replay composed and built by a game that utilizes the Unreal Engine, a powerful, modern game engine designed by Epic Games company. Accurately, the following .DEM constitution involves data exploited to play back and visualize the recording of a playerโ€™s gameplay session. .DEM data items are generated and visually reproduced with the interaction of Unreal Engineโ€™s console, which can be easily accessed by pressing the ~ key during the active gaming session. To initiate a new .DEM embraced recording of a replay with the interference of Unreal Engine game mechanics, players are required to press the ~ key on the keyboard to properly reveal the Unreal Engine console and type in the command demorec yourdemofilename. This clear instruction will assist to compose a new .DEM data element. To stop and terminate the active gameplay recording, players are suggested to make use of demostop instruction. After the recording is stopped, the .DEM file schema can be played back by referencing the demoplay yourdemofilename command. Consider the statement that the .DEM extension tag should be omitted during the commands application. If for some reason you forgot the name of your .DEM file element, it is recommended to find it by looking in the Saved folder of your gameโ€™s installation path, where most of the .DEM file samples are typically allocated.

How to open an .DEM file?

๐Ÿ“Œ The .DEM file category is effortlessly opened, processed, handled and operated by the Counter-Strike game distributive package with the interference of in-game console window. This clause concerns the situation when the proper .DEM file object stores and covers the replay of the recent game session and can be visually reproduced later through the game client. The same clause is applicable to Quake and Hexen 2 game titles, which are also equipped with a built-in console prompt window, accessed by pressing the ~ key on the keyboard. After all, the .DEM replays can be edited, refined and adjusted with VirtualDub video-editor, distributed on the free principle. In addition, in particular cases the .DEM file schemas can store datasets with precise land contour details in the Digital Elevation Format shape. In these circumstances, the proper .DEM file composition is reviewable and monitored by ESRi ArcGIS, TatukGIS Viewer, Golden Software Voxler or MicroMouse AccuTrans 3D suites, all of which are perfectly adapted for reviewing and altering the .DEM content. Finally, in the outcome, similarly to Counter-Strike, Hexen 2 and Quake projects, the .DEM extension structure can maintain replays of the relevant game franchises, built on the foundation of Unreal Engine platform (for instance, Unreal Tournament). In this matter, it is reasonable to make an effort opening up the .DEM entry contents with the requested game, developed and coded on the basis of Unreal Engine technology.

Programs to open .DEM file - Digital Elevation Model

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Programs to open .DEM file - Unreal Engine Game Replay File

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  • Mac OS

Programs to open .DEM file - Video Game Demo File

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  • Mac OS
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