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πŸ“Œ A .BIL file item refers to a GIS-resource generated in ESRI’s BIL (binary interleaved) structure, a raster graphic image container utilized for opening, representing and displaying terrain and surface elevations. The noted .BIL extension entry can be georeferenced by another file to map and associate the visual image content to the real-world GPS location. Miscellaneously, the .BIL structures may store constructed surface and elevation and satellite images information in the marked-up and structured composition. As a bonus option, the .BIL instances are often attached to the appropriate .HDR objects, which correspondingly describe the formatting and layout of the raster image data. The noted format definition is strictly related to and concerns the geospatial coordinates, defined within a respective navigation toolkit, remaining in actual development status up to nowadays.

How to open an .BIL file?

πŸ“Œ The .BIL data records can be smoothly and freely opened up, adjusted and reviewed by ESRI ArcGIS Pro utility, mainly oriented on GPS-navigational abilities, marking the accurate geographical coordinates on the map considering the surface and terrain elevations. Besides, the .BIL file samples are accessible for viewing by Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper bundle, which fits as a worthy alternative to the predefined ArcGIS Pro suite. One more suitable replacement of the application, capable of uncovering the relevant .BIL instance contents, is the GDAL product. All of the formerly specified software solutions are distributed in accordance with freeware license and do not require any proprietary permissions, financial investments or micropayments from the user side. The extension schema is recognizable by any Windows editions, either legacy or present-day. Linux and macOS nodes and workstations are not afforded an opportunity to open up the requested .BIL entity build-up and internal logic.

Programs to open .BIL file - ESRI BIL File

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