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πŸ“Œ Basically, the .JGW schema pattern is associated with the georeference data object utilized and opened up by various GIS-oriented products such as ESRI ArcGIS Desktop. At most, the .JGW extension elements are stored in clear, transparent textual arrangement and include the coordinates for a relevant graphical raster .JPG image. Precisely, the .JGW make-up serves for referencing the accurate location of aerial view maps. Furthermore, the .JGW branch nodes can be tiled with other appropriate .JPEG world images. As a matter of fact, the .JGW file instances specify the outcome scale of an image per pixel as well as the distinctive (X,Y) coordinate of the top-left corner pixel. By accommodating and acquiring these proper data, the actual visual geographical area of the image can be specifically opened up, processed and reconstructed.

How to open an .JGW file?

πŸ“Œ The aforementioned .JGW file layout can be fluently and steadily retrieved, monitored, and opened by ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop or AutoCAD Map 3D bundles, focused on georeferencing relevant data objects (particularly, aerial view mapping documentation). Besides, it would be a splendid decision to make use of an accustomed, typical text editor or code viewer, remaining in your area of accessibility.

Programs to open .JGW file - JPEG World File

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