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πŸ“Œ The .TFW container is exploited as a TIFF globe file applied and opened up by GIS apps. Primarily, the .TFW data items are composed of the rotation, scale, and location of a map that is normally stored as a .TIFF graphical composition. Quite frequently, the .TFW entry makeup is utilized for saving the precise GPS-location on the world map of a satellite aerial photograph. Moreover, the .TFW file logic is based on the identical view as the JPEG World files (.JPW constitution). It should be strictly specified that the .TFW extension entities are normally stored in a plain text composition. Precisely, they store a sequence of accurate lines that identify the Y and X pixel size, the globe coordinates for the top-left corner of the image, and the rotational specification and characteristics. .TFW world files are not designated for storing and processing actual image data, but are normally covered as an individual file conjugated with a .TIF schematic structure.

How to open an .TFW file?

πŸ“Œ The .TFW file instances can be easily extracted and opened up by ESRI ArcGIS Pro, OziExplorer, ESRI ArcReader, and Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper packages, natively oriented and adapted for Windows and Linux environments. None of .TFW branches can be decompressed and visualized in scope of mobile Android and iOS devices and gadgets. Hereby, any .TFW items are accessible for transparent review, opening, and discovery within desktop operating systems of aforementioned series. After all, ESRI ArcReader utility is remaining in ceased maintenance state and not enhanced and supported anymore. Thus, you may find only archive former editions of the following project, available for free download on non-official sources. Regarding the rest of the .TFW compatible software, all of the specified toolkits related to the GIS area of industry are still enhanced and optimized by the developer’s side either on recurring or non-frequent principle.

Programs to open .TFW file - World File for TIFF

  • Windows
  • Linux
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