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📌 The basic definition of the .ABY file pattern refers to the data entry generated and opened up by AOL, a toolkit utilized as a portal to the Internet area. Specifically, the .ABY tagged marker elements comprise certain address book samples stored in a proprietary representation. In the meantime, the .ABY extension standard is perfectly eligible to synchronize online, open and store corresponding address book data on a local device, i.e., a computer or a laptop. As the practice reveals, the .ABY file format elements are entitled in accordance with the [AOLUSERNAME].aby convention mask. Furthermore, they can be easily and efficiently recovered and converted to other email and address book program template categories with the interference of the ePreserver product bundle. AOL service adapted to .ABY format appliance is still acquiring fresh updates and enhancements on the recurring principle and maintains a solid visitors’ audience up to the current moment of time. The same statement considers the ePreserver utility, accessible for freeware download from the genuine developer’s repository and smoothly comprehending the .ABY format technique and logic.

How to open an .ABY file?

📌 The .ABY file arrangement can be opened, discovered and adjusted by AOL utility, oriented on displaying various content aggregated from the web-area. The utility is still accessible for download from the genuine AOL portal and is distributed on the proprietary principle. Therefore, you may get the 30-day trial edition of the .ABY embraced bundle to experiment with the tool opportunities and tweaks before acquiring the Pro-license. The .ABY adapted AOL Desktop Gold service provides enhanced security from hackers’ intrusion, keyloggers and trojans and assists to avoid hijacking of vulnerable, sensitive user data. Besides, the utility sustains the screengrab protection that is especially relevant for surfing among the potentially insecure online-resources. Furthermore, you are offered a chance to employ the Connected Software ePreserver file package, which is also eligible to explore and discover the .ABY item composition and logic. Although the technical maintenance and refinement of the utility was over long ago, you may still download the complete .ABY tech embraced suite version for free without any personal or corporate restrictions from the official, genuine web-node.

Programs to open .ABY file - AOL Address Book File

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