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📌 A .CRTX file format specification typically corresponds to the chart template that can be associated with a range of several presentations and documents in Office 2007 and later revisions of the distributive set. In detail, the .CRTX file format pattern stores and opens up individual options and tweaks for title, text, legends, categories, gridlines, axes, colors, and other specific diagram parameters. Furthermore, the .CRTX file object instances serve for appliance of the identical formatting and styles to multiple diagrams. In order to save an outcome .CRTX diagram template, pick an existing diagram arrangement and select the “Save as Template” item from the revealed “Design” tab. The finalized .CRTX diagram file templates are expected to be stored and allocated within the Charts directory. In order to apply an existing .CRTX chart template, pick the target chart pattern and select the “Change Chart Type” item in scope of the visualized “Design” tab. In order to sustain, configure, and open predefined .CRTX diagram file templates imported into the Office shell, follow up the corresponding algorithm:

  • pick the "Insert" tab and make use of the "Insert Column or Bar Chart" pictogram
  • choose "More Column Charts..." menu item
  • pick the "Templates" node from the left info pane, and make use of the "Manage Templates..." option.

How to open an .CRTX file?

📌 Any of .CRTX file extension instances can be flawlessly and responsively opened up, extracted, and retrieved with the interaction of Microsoft Word 365, PowerPoint 365, Excel 365 web-services, or relevant desktop editions of the aforementioned Microsoft Office set components, starting from 2007 revision and later.

Programs to open .CRTX file - Office 2007 Chart Template File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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