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πŸ“Œ A .WTB data sample can be referred to as a log file, initiated, opened and saved by Win-Test, a multinational solution, dedicated to a ham radio contest. Particularly, the .WTB file container includes configuration settings of a relevant contest as well as the log entries of all radio operators which a custom user addressed to while the contest is held. The appropriate contest coordinators are still able to make use of .WTB file resources in order to check and verify the veracity of the results, achieved by the participants of the appropriate competition. In radio ham competitions, the operators are endeavoring to contact as many other radio operators as they are able to in scope of the allowed time frame. After this stage of the competition, they log and later on open .WTB extension data regarding those operators across a logging contact suite, like Win-Test, for instance.

How to open an .WTB file?

πŸ“Œ .WTB records are adapted for usage and exploitation by the Win-Test program app, a quite flexible and scalable tool for handling .WTB logs from ham radio operator competitions. Win-Test is available for free download without any functional restrictions and licensed obligations from the user side. Precisely, .WTB file entries are composed of contest configuration parameters and tweaks, such as the contest’s mode, class, and category, and operator’s personal info, locator, and callsign. While the operator is recording contact data which concerns other operators in contact in scope of the contest, the following markers are also logged into the proper .WTB file instance in order to be opened and reviewed afterwards.

Programs to open .WTB file - Win-Test Binary Log

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